Discussions & Rambles // What makes a great plot twist?

Plot twists are common in books these days, but not all plot twists are executed well. But what exactly is a plot twist? And why do we care about them so much?


TAG ✨ 50 Things That Make Me Happy (+ my hiatus)

Time for happy, positive thoughts! 😊

Books I REFUSED to Read as a Child // stories from a childhood book nerd

I'm introducing a new feature on my blog, and today's post is all about books I decided not to read because I was extremely stubborn as a kid!

Bookish Breaking News! // Netflix has plans for Shadow and Bone & Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

The next few years are going to be insane, but that’s only because we have several YA books getting adapted into shows! The good kind of Breaking News!