Guessing The Plots Of Anticipated 2020 YA Releases

I correctly predicted the killer in One of Us is Lying just by reading the first chapter, and I now think very highly of my guessing skills because of that achievement.

I’m joining the Pondathon! // #Pondathon sign up and TBR

I'm joining the #Pondathon from the bloggers at The Quiet Pond! Here is my sign up post, my character, and my TBR for the readathon!

My Love/Hate Relationship With Blogging // a tiny discussion about what’s been goin on with me 😌

Well, I think it’s awfully convenient that this particular post caused some chaos when I accidentally posted it too soon. I schedule posts to tell myself when they should go up, but I usually end up posting it days later, anyway. What's the point, you ask? I have no idea.

The Folk of the Air Book Tag #2 // new and improved ORIGINAL tag!

Last year, about a week or so after The Wicked King was released, I created this original tag. Now that the trilogy is complete, and to honor my word from last time, I have added a few more questions to this tag, exclusively relevant to The Queen of Nothing! 🗡🐍

Book Review ✨ The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black

Despite several predictable plot points and non-surprising “reveals”, I absolutely loved this book. Although I was very excited for The Queen of Nothing, the only expectation I had for this book was for it to explain the ending events of The Wicked King in a satisfying way. And after that happened, everything else was just very enjoyable bonus content.