Discussions & Rambles // What do you think about spoilers?

Don’t panic, I promise there are no spoilers for anything in this post! But are YOU posting any spoilers?

Almost a year ago, I was lurking on Pinterest literally two days after the most recent Rick Riordan book was released, and within a few minutes of being on the app… I came across a major spoiler.
And you know when the original poster doesn’t even have a spoiler warning in the post? It looked just like a normal post, but oh no, I was wrong.

Thankfully, I wasn’t planning on reading this book (it was The Burning Maze, by the way… and without going into much detail, I’m not a fan of the Trials of Apollo series). But the spoiler involved something happening to one of the characters I had grown to really enjoy, and I was surprised to hear what had happened.
See? Here we are, a year later, and I still can’t even give y’all that spoiler 😂

But all of this got me thinking, and… what kinds of spoilers should be deemed as “okay” or “safe” for readers to run into?

How long after a book’s release should spoilers be “allowed” or “safe”?

years after? 

Personally, I think if it’s been more than a year since the book’s release, it’s fair game. Don’t immerse yourself into the spoiler-zone if you haven’t read any of the book or series!

And yes, I understand that some situations are unique (like with the Harry Potter series, or any other story which includes really good plot twists), and maybe you should say that you’re posting a spoiler… but if it’s been years, it’s probably safe.

a few months after?

I’ve seen some recent posts from certain fandom Facebook accounts (don’t laugh, I still have a Facebook, okay?), and a lot of times, this account will post something like this in the beginning of the post:



So The Wicked King by Holly Black was released in mid-January, but some accounts or blogs will still use this kind of spoiler warning. This is great, and there’s nothing wrong with warning potential readers! I think this kind of thing is nice, and considerate, especially since it’s already been a few months since the book’s release. It often takes me months to catch up with the popular releases, so this kind of spoiler-posting is a-okay by me!

A little warning never hurt anyone, and the people who have already read the book (or watched the movie) have every right to enjoy this spoilery content! 🙂

a few days after?

Going back to my example from the beginning of this post, I ran into said spoiler two days after the book was released.

In this case, *technically*, I was in the wrong. I admit, I probably should not have been online if I didn’t want spoilers! But this was the kind of spoiler which was a big deal for the series, and for things like that, there should have been some kind of warning for that.

days BEFORE?

My WORST spoiler horror story was from The Blood of Olympus, another one of Rick Riordan’s books.

Now, this series was (and is) fairly popular on the internet, and a lot of people were very excited for this finale to the Heroes of Olympus series.

But somewhere in Asia (I don’t remember where, sorry) one bookstore accidentally released the book ONE WEEK before it’s slated release date. Some fans immediately bought the books, and what were their reactions? They immediately flipped to the back and posted major plot and character spoilers to the internet, as though this information had been out for months and they were posting any old page everyone had already been familiar with.

I, of course, innocently came across one of these major spoilers, and it honestly kind of ruined my reading experience. Like yes, I know it was my fault for looking, but how was I supposed to know it was a spoiler?? There were no spoiler warnings or anything!!
I’m sorry, I’m still not over this situation.

Untitled design-51

What kind of spoilers are okay for you? 

I mean, at one point, we all have to talk about those important moments in the book, right? You know, those major events which left us all shaking? We can’t just keep those emotions inside forever! Therefore, some spoilers have to be talked about at one point in time. They just simply can’t stay “spoilers” forever, and they’ll eventually transition into the “common knowledge” territory.

But over time, what exactly counts as a spoiler?

  • If you’ve never seen Star Wars, does knowing Luke’s relationship with Darth Vader actually ruin anything for you?
  • If you’ve never read Harry Potter, does knowing what happens between Harry and Voldemort at the end of the series “count” as a spoiler, even though the information is everywhere and it’s referenced constantly?
  • What about knowing that a certain character is alive throughout the entire series, is that a spoiler? Where do the boundaries end??

And I have a confession to make: I often don’t like reading other people’s book reviews. Why? Because I’m afraid of running into unintentional spoilers. Even when a reviewer claims their review is “spoiler-free”… sometimes, it’s actually not!
*When this happens, it’s usually something like along the lines of, “One of the major characters died and that left me so sad! I loved him! But I just won’t tell you which one of the two guys it was. 😉 (I loved you, John)”

Especially when it comes to popular book series, it can be hard to even tell what’s a spoiler and what’s not. For example, I used to see a lot of fan art based on The Cruel Prince, even without wanting to. It just showed up everywhere I looked. I couldn’t avoid it, and it was so frequent that I even wondered if the events pictured in the art were spoilers. As it turns out, those events were kind of spoilers, but seeing that fan art didn’t really change my reading experience.
Although it did pretty much give me expectations for Cardan. 

Untitled design-51

Are spoilers okay in reviews? 

Sometimes, reviews aren’t complete without ranting about the events in some way, especially if it’s not the first book in the series.

For example, I once decided to put some ranty spoilers and theories in my review for The Wicked King. I really wanted those who had already read the book to feel my frustrations! *clenches fist* But after I posted the review, I was terrified that someone would get a major spoiler, even though I tried my best to not reveal anything too bad.

Untitled design-51

In the end, I don’t like spoilers, but sometimes you just simply can’t escape their wrath. When I see a spoiler, it sticks to my memory like a wad of chewing gum that I can kind of peel off, but some of it is always there. (Or maybe a better example would be those terrible stickers the bookstores put on books!)

But sometimes those spoilers only show up because someone was happy/sad about their experience, and they wanted to talk to other fans about it! Is that so different than someone who posts spoilers just to ruin everyone’s day? 

Usually, if I know I’m going to read or watch something soon, I will completely block myself off from everything related to that book or movie or show. I try my best, even if it doesn’t always work out!

Untitled design-51

last time we discussed… 


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netflix and books-33

What do you think about spoilers? Are you okay with getting “spoiled”? What do you do to avoid spoilers?
Do you have any spoiler “horror stories”?

Let me know, and chat with me about it!

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Happy reading, everyone! 😀Starry Sky Books-13


61 thoughts on “Discussions & Rambles // What do you think about spoilers?

  1. Ugh spoilers can really ruin everything. I read a spoiler for the sequel of a book … like, a year ago and I haven’t been able to pick up that sequel ever since, that spoiler burned in the back of my mind forever. This makes me SO mad and completely ruined my reading experience for sure and ughhhhhhhh haha.
    I feel like it’s okay to leave spoilers when it’s been a year after the book’s release, I’m a little more wary after a couple of months, since… well I’m that person always taking ages to get to a book, haha. When it comes to reading reviews, I always appreciate it when people mention that there are no spoilers in their reviews and actually… do not mention any spoilers at all, either haha. I do my best not to mention spoilers in my reviews, or when I do, to clearly mark it, because getting spoiled is something that bothers me SO much.
    This is a great post!! 😀

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    1. Thank you, Marie! 😊

      I understand the feeling! Whenever I see a spoiler of any kind, it never leaves my memory. I have definitely been ruined by a few spoilers before, haha.

      It takes forever for me to get to the popular books! I usually don’t find it difficult to avoid spoilers, but I will stumble upon them every now and then. That’s why I always think it is best to give a spoiler warning when the book has only been out for a few months… and in reviews, I think there should always be a spoiler warning.


  2. I’m weird, because when it comes to television or movie spoilers, I don’t really mind because I still like to see how what happens happens.
    On the other hand, book spoilers boil my blood! I won’t even look at the next page of the book I’m reading if I can help it, for fear of spoiling the chapter, nevermind the book.
    There’s a very special seat in hell reserved for anyone who spoils a book!

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  3. Spoilers suck. I will never forget my friend’s brother ruining the ending of Half Blood Prince for me. I still loved every second, but that big whammy didn’t pack as much of a punch. You are so right about the little hints in reviews that aren’t quite spoilers but are just enough to taint it. It was like when my dad said “is he still alive?” when I was behind him on Game of Thrones. I try really hard not to give spoilers in my reviews, but sometimes they can sneak in there unintentionally. Even writing this comment I noticed my self having to think about it haha

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  4. Wait, but I haven’t read The Wicked King. 😂 I don’t mind spoilers except the ending, DON’T TELL ME THE ENDING! Or maybe don’t tell if there’s anyone died in a particular book too. I want to cry when I find out about that.

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  5. I hate spoilers! When i just had started reading more avidly, i loved Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth and tumblr. So i decided to search fan art of the book before reading the last book. Let’s just say since then, i haven’t searched anything before finishing the entire series. I believe that finding out that someone is alive in the end isn’t a spoiler (at least for me (and if they are the main character)), however, if it’s reverse (someone dies), then it’s a major spoiler!
    While i love writing reviews, i sometimes don’t read the entire reviews of other bloggers for the same reason in case i haven’t read the book myself. I usually just skim the review after a summary of plot and thought. I try to make my reviews also short with the summary and about my thought, talking a bit about the characters (development, whether plot/character driven etc.) and if i haven’t added the “SPOILER” warning, i usually don’t go more in depth because i’m writing my reviews for mostly me.

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    1. Oh no, I know I lot of people who accidentally got an Allegiant spoiler! 😦 I remember waking up the morning that the book came out, and checking the reviews. I didn’t actually get any spoilers, but based off of other people’s distaste for it, I could tell what had happened and I ruined the book for myself.

      I usually skim reviews too, unless I trust that the reviewer won’t put any spoilers in it (this only happens when I have a history of liking the blogger’s reviews!).

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  6. Spoilers are so tough to navigate! There are a lot of times that I really want to scream about something that happened in a book online, but I can’t because I don’t want to spoil anyone!
    I think your point that after a while spoilers are okay is a good way of thinking about it, and I also think it depends on the spoiler. If it’s something huge, such a who kills Dumbledore, which would color how you read the entire series, then I think those things should come with huge spoiler warnings! But smaller spoilers, such as…I don’t know, the fact that Harry is a wizard? (not a great example) I don’t really consider those spoilers. Maybe they would be if the book had only just come out (your experience with Blood of Olympus is HORRIFIC) but since HP has been around for so long, it’s no longer a spoiler. Ya know?

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    1. It’s hard to hold back the enthusiasm! But yeah, if we talk about the book right away without a spoiler warning, it might ruin someone else’s experience. And you’re right, it does depend on the spoiler, too – some spoilers aren’t that big of a deal, but some spoilers reveal the whole plot twist or ending!

      Your example about Harry is actually a good one – it’s supposed to be a “surprise” (even though it’s probably in the synopsis, lol), but it’s not a huge spoiler, because the rest of the book continues on the notion.


  7. I think that no matter how long it’s been out and you’re either reading it or going to very soon, spoilers are BIG no no! I got spoiled for a big thing in a long series I’m reading from a distant friend (who doesn’t care about spoilers) and I was like three books behind and I was furious lol. For me, if I want to read it, I don’t want to hear anything about it. Great post 🙂

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  8. I think spoilers are okay either if you warn that there are spoilers or after the next book is released if it’s a series. I have a habit of not reading for books that I want to read but haven’t gotten to yet just in case of spoilers.

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  9. I’m 100% pro-spoiler … In fact, I have this really “bad” habit of reading the last chapter of a book first, so I know where things are heading 🙂 Yeah, it’s weird … but it works for me!

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    1. Wow, that’s the first time I’ve ever seen someone identify as pro-spoiler! 😂 Whatever works for you, I suppose! Sometimes I spoil myself with the ending, but I only do that because I’m trying to see what the last page number is.


  10. For some books I don’t mind spoilers but if it’s a series I’m really into, I don’t want to be spoiled for anything. For example I have yet to go and look at fan art for the Stormlight Archives series because I really don’t want to be spoiled for that series. It was the same for Throne of Glass. (Let me tell you avoiding spoilers for that series is difficult but I succeeded) I like having a spoiler free and spoiler part of my review. I try to post enough warning for people to not read the spoiler parts but sometimes you just need to discuss things that are big spoilers!

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    1. I don’t mind spoilers if it’s a warning to not complete the book series, now that I think about it! But avoiding fanart is a good idea. And I feel like I’ve seen a lot of spoilers for Throne of Glass, but I didn’t know anything about the series back then, so it didn’t bother me!


  11. This is such a great discussion topic! I try sooooo hard to avoid spoilers for books and TV shows. Just recently I told my aunt I wasn’t caught up on my favorite show and she proceeded to word vomit literally everything that had happened in the last season. Not to be, like, dramatic, but I wanted to throw myself off a cliff.

    I think if I show or movie or book has been out for a decent amount of time it’s probably fair game, but I don’t really base my can-I-spoil scale around time as much as popularity. I never had a chance to sit down and watch Game of Thrones so I avoided spoilers with every ounce of dedication I could muster, and I only got spoiled on one or two big things. That was totally on me, though, because that series is massively popular and I KNOW people are going to talk about it and interviews are going to pop up in my YouTube recommended etc. So for books like Harry Potter, Twilight, classics… it’s on the reader to make sure they avoid as best they can!

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    1. Thank you! 😊

      Oh no, I’m sorry that happened to you! I think it’s easier (for me, anyway) to avoid spoilers if it’s for a show or book I know I’m not going to experience anytime soon. For example, I’ll probably never watch Game of Thrones, and although I have seen several spoilers, I don’t think I remember most of them because they didn’t mean anything to me at the time!

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      1. That’s a really good point. I knew that I was going to wait until the end of Game of Thrones to watch because I couldn’t handle the big gaps between seasons (I’m almost caught up now!) and I definitely got spoiled for a few things but didn’t even remember them until I saw them in the show.

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  12. I think there’s a combination of popularity and time that means spoilers are going to happen. If you haven’t read Harry Potter, it’s really hard to avoid spoilers. Star Wars is another good example, or a lot of classic literature. Personally, I try to avoid spoilers when possible, but if a book (or movie) is really good, then it’s going to be good regardless of whether you’re “surprised” by the plot. People don’t say they didn’t enjoy Romeo and Juliet because they know the characters die at the end; it’s still considered a very good play.

    I also think there’s a wide range of what people consider spoilers, and it’s hard to avoid mentioning details of a book if you actually want to say anything substantial in a review. I would never post the ending or something that’s supposed to be a plot twist without a warning, but I’ll definitely mention something that happens in the first chapter or something minor that backs up a point I’m making. Some people probably think those are spoilers, but if you really want to know absolutely nothing about a book, it’s probably safest not to read reviews.

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    1. That’s true – if the spoilers are the only parts of the book or movie which are interesting, then the rest of it may not be worth watching. The only exceptions to this, for me, would be stories with major plot twists at the end. If someone spoilered a major plot twist for me, I would be so upset!

      I don’t think I would post a plot twist either, unless it was for a post or forum full of people who already knew about the twist. I definitely think it’s okay to mention things that happen in the beginning of the book! Even though some people consider those spoilers, there should be a lot more to the story than that first chapter.

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  13. I always try to put spoiler tags on things, especially new releases but when reading other’s blogs I JUST DON’T KNOW what they’ll do 😭 So I always steer clear of any books I am actually planning to read.

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  14. Mmmyea, i’m not fond of spoilers. Usually avoid reading about books / films i’m interested in, just to make sure i don’t get spoiled. Kinda hard to avoid spoilers that are related to stuff that’s been out for years.

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    1. Oooh, I hate premise spoilers! I have difficultly with those kinds of spoilers myself, because I’m writing a novel and the premise is ~kind of~ a spoiler, and I don’t know how to change that! But when I choose a book to read, I usually only skim the premise so I don’t spoiler anything for myself! 😂


  15. This is such a great post, and one that I had to think about a bit before commenting haha. 🙂

    I think popularity matters. If a book or series is EXTREMELY popular and a lot of people have read/seen it (think Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games), I think spoilers are fair game after a few months. I take Game of Thrones as an example because whenever an episode is released, it’s spoilers GALORE because it’s the most-viewed show in history. I think it works the same way with books, but because books take much longer to read, I think a few months is a good time frame.

    For reasonably popular books, I think a year or two is fair game. I don’t like posting spoilers for books like Six of Crows openly, but if I wanted to, I think it would be fair game.

    For other, lesser known novels? Never. If it’s only been a couple months? No. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! 😊 Popularity does matter, because the more popular something is, the more people are going to post about it!

      Six of Crows is an interesting example, because I haven’t read it yet! 🙈 I see people post spoilers about it all the time, but I don’t really remember them because I am not familiar with the characters at all.

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  16. SPOILERS ARE NEVER OKAY. Even in regards to something like Harry Potter, I think people should still give a mild warning before they say something, though I do think Twitter is off-limits to spoilers since it’s weird to put a spoiler warning before your snarky comment (unless the book is less than a few months old or something). But at least when it comes to book reviews and tags, I find it annoying if people simply spoil things without warning.

    Oh, and I agree that I don’t like reading book reviews either (unless I don’t plan on reading the book) because I like to go into a book completely blind. But I have to admit that I’m one of those people who mildly hints that there’s a death in a book. Which I didn’t really think would ruin a book for people, buuuuut maybe I should rethink that? lol.

    Excellent discussion! ❤

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    1. Thank you! ❤️

      I think it would be safer if people put spoiler warnings on everything (even Harry Potter things!), but that just sounds like a lot of work! 😂 Especially because all of the Harry Potter books have been published for 10+ years now.

      I like to go into most books blind, but if I’m a little skeptical about reading it, I will probably read a few reviews first. And if someone says there is a death in the book, it’s only okay for me if there are like 6 main characters and the reviewer doesn’t say anything else about the death scene 😂

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      1. No, that is very true. I would like to blurt things out and spazz out about HP without worrying since it has been so very long, and you’re totally right it’s fair game. I guess it’s only when it comes to HP that I’m more sensitive about spoilers…I want to make sure that virgin readers get the full experience for this series since I love it so much. In other words, I might be biased. 😂😂

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        1. Oh yeah, I would love to talk about HP at any given moment, but I’m still one of those people who avoids saying too much in case someone in the room hasn’t read the books yet 😂 Especially because the books are so much more impactful than the movies! My younger sister still hasn’t read the books, but she loves the movies, so I feel like she hasn’t had the ~full experience~, you know?


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