Winter 24-Hour Readathon COMPLETE! // Day 1, Part 2

This readathon day has NOT gone as expected... but I spent my morning reading beside a cat, so everything is okay. 😌

My Progress From The Winter 24-Hour Readathon! // Day 1, Part 1

Every time I do a 24-hour readathon, I set high goals for myself. This time, I just want to read some books! That’s all I’m asking for!

Books I Own, But Have Never Read // don’t shame me for storing so many books under my bed, okay?

Don't lie to me – I'm sure we all have a pile of unwanted-yet-purchased books in our living spaces. Right? According to my bookshelf, most of the books I own have not been read. 😦 Most of them are still on my TBR, and they have been for over a year now. I almost never read books as soon as I purchase them, and now... I feel a bit guilty. 

The Folk of the Air Book Tag #2 // new and improved ORIGINAL tag!

Last year, about a week or so after The Wicked King was released, I created this original tag. Now that the trilogy is complete, and to honor my word from last time, I have added a few more questions to this tag, exclusively relevant to The Queen of Nothing! 🗡🐍