Autumn Wrap Up // where i’ve been, what i’ve read, life updates

Hello, friends! It certainly has been a while.

It has now been nearly one year since I declared myself in burn-out mode and discussed my mixed feelings about blogging, but not much has changed since then. I’ve only posted consistently for about two months since that time… I think.

Firstly, I would like to blame 2020 for every thing. I have been very lucky in that my family is safe and healthy for now, but having to do school from home has really thrown everything off for me, mentally. I hope you’re all doing well, or as well as you can be right now. 

Since my mind is slowly starting to relax a bit, now that I’ve turned in some final exams, I thought it would be good to start my return with a wrap up.   

(Apparently Autumn ends on December 21st, but that is an absolute lie. Winter enters my senses as soon as this week is over. 😌 It is Winter when I say it is.)

What I Read  

It’s no secret that I despise making wrap-ups simply because I never read/blog enough. So from now on, my wrap-ups will be seasonal, rather than monthly. 

In the past few months since my last wrap-up, I’ve read a total of 8 books. Most notably, I finally read The Boy Who Steals Houses and The Fever King! Y’all have been screaming at me to read these and it finally happened! 

This image is from Goodreads, because I hate the way the block editor sets up image galleries. I read Storm Runner and Cemetery Boys in July!

I can’t believe it took me so long to get to TBWSH. 😭 But I’m so happy I read it. It’s probably one of my favorite reads from this year, and I cannot wait to read it again. 

On the other hand… I did not love TFK. 😅 It was okay. I’ll be reading the next one, though! 

I’m currently reading The Diviners, and although it took me a while to get attached to the characters, I’m almost done with it and I’m enjoying it a lot more now.

Untitled design-51.png

What I Posted 

Okay, I only posted a few times recently. But just in case you missed one of my recent posts, here they are. 

Books I Must Read Before The End of the Year // exposing myself for not reading your favorites – in which I admitted that I still have many great books to read for this year!

Let’s Talk About Spoilers // special blogiversary discussion – in which I talked about how I feel when it comes to spoilers, and recreated a discussion from my first year of blogging!

I Designed a Book Adaptation Streaming Service // attempt #3 at getting producers to notice our woes – in which I designed a bookish streaming service and showed it to you all!

Untitled design-51.png

Why I Disappeared 

So many things have happened since August. I started online school again, I decided to continue my literary agency internship, and… I was way to ambitious about some other things. I almost revamped my blog! I almost started an small bookish business! I almost became a YouTuber (not even a booktuber – a completely different kind of channel)!
(However, if I did make a small bookish business, it would be related to sewing. And if I did make a YouTube channel, it would be like my discussion posts, except I would discuss book adaptations and/or Disney movies. That kind of thing. 🤔 Would you be interested in these things??)

But none of those ambitions happened, and I ended up feeling really guilty about it. My mental health and energy was very low, so I decided to focus on school and my family instead of anything else. Also, sleep. Sleep is very important to me.

Tiana Tired GIF - Tiana Tired Sleepy - Discover & Share GIFs

I also found out that all of my classmates felt like each class I was in with them was their most time-consuming one, so… of course only I would accidentally take all of the most time-consuming classes. 😅 Every class required more reading than I had ever done for school, and everything was online. At this point, my eyes don’t have the energy to read anything outside of school, so I kind of stopped reading and blogging half way through October. My mind can’t handle anything other than mindless YouTube videos at the moment, so please forgive me for completely abandoning all forms of bookish content. 

However, I think another reason why I haven’t been reading is because I haven’t read anything that excites me, you know? Whenever I find a book that makes me really want to know what happens next, that’s a great book. But I just haven’t found any of those books recently. 

Anyways, that’s all for now. 

Is there any kind of post you want me to make next? Any kind of post you always like to read from me? I really want to understand what you all will read / not read from me. At this point I am very out of the loop. 

Also, would anyone be interested in doing a 24-hour readathon with me? Just asking in advance, since I usually do it in December but I always feel like I announce it too close to the date! 

(If you would like to fill out this anonymous form to help me get blog ideas, that would be a huge help to me! Thank you!)

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netflix and books-33

Hello! What have you been up to lately? Feel free to send me your recent posts so I can catch up with you! 

Chat with me about it!

You can also be my friend on social media!

Happy reading! Have a lovely day! Please stay safe!

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18 thoughts on “Autumn Wrap Up // where i’ve been, what i’ve read, life updates

  1. I totally understand your burnout with classes being online. Having regular activities online plus hobbies online is hard because 1) screen time and 2) its the same screen & position all day so it’s hard to shift from school/work mode to creative mode. We just have to take our time and do what we can. Sending positive vibes and virtual hugs ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So happy to read from you again, Xandra! 💕The end of the year has also hit me hard, ever since I started university again (with online classes for the first time) & things have been busy 😴 Happy to hear that you liked The Boy Who Steals Houses, I have been wanting to read it for such a long time! I’m always up for some 24 Hour Readathons, I haven’t done one in ages! I’ve recently loved (and reviewed) the Murderbot Diaries books, a sci-fi novella series about an introverted yet dangerous robot/artificial human who gets up to all sorts of chaos 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Caro! 💕 I’m sorry to hear this school year has been difficult for you, too. Hopefully things will be better soon! Online classes are so strange.

      I hope you get to read The Boy Who Steals Houses soon, I really liked it! 😊 And I’m glad to hear you would like to join a 24 Hour Readathon! I might talk more about it on twitter, just because I don’t really want to make a whole post about it 😅 but I should be doing one sometime between December 18 – 22!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahhhh I agree with you, blogging is soooo exhausting…I love blogging even if barely anyone looks at my blog, it’s really fun, but I do regret not being able to write much anymore…I’ve barely written since I started my blog around 3 months ago!!!
    Also I can’t look at that sleep meme thing, it hurts my foot to see it.
    Wow, imagine starting a business related to books. What sorts of sewing things would you do?
    Anyways, I really liked this wrap up.
    And for ideas for posts in December…well I’m going to post a book tag in a few days (sunday probably? Hopefully?) and if you would like me to tag you I totally will! But it’s okay if you don’t want to do it. I’m not gonna tell you what it’s like yet because it’s a surprise…but I thiiiiink that people will like it. Hopefully.

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  4. Ah Xandra so happy to see one of your posts pop up but also TAKE YOUR TIME!! I feel basically exactly the same, I blame 2020 for this whacked up year that hasn’t felt real.

    YAY for reading TBWSH eeeppp!! So glad you’ve read it now. And ah I MUST read The Fever King. I actually just ordered it online for my birthday and I can’t wait for it to arrive. Also YES A BOOKISH BUSINESS AND A YOUTUBE!! I want it now *wink wink*

    Sending all the love your way!! You can do it. I’ve also just been passing out recently. Mentally. I haven’t had all that much brain space lately, which is kinda why I feel like 2020 has been so eh. I feel the exact same, I’ve only been able to read for class and anything else has just been tv to pass time. I’m kinda done with being online now and want more of a schedule. Thank goodness I’m done with my semester welp.

    SO DOWN FOR A READATHON OMG!! LETS TALK!! Love you xoxooxxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh Ruby!! I am so sorry I’ve been gone from my blog lately and I’m just now reading this!! Yes, I totally blame 2020. This year will hopefully be different. 😅

      Oh no, I’ve realized that you ordered The Fever King in November, and you just received it the other day! I’m sorry it took so long! But yes, you should read so we can talk about it! I’m curious to know what you think! And yes, perhaps there is a youtube and bookish business in my future *wink wink*

      I hope you’re feeling a bit better now! I’ve seen you post a few times, so that’s good! I promise I’ll read your posts soon. 😊 Thank you for all of your kind words, friend! Love you!

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  5. “It’s no secret that I despise making wrap-ups simply because I never read/blog enough. So from now on, my wrap-ups will be seasonal, rather than monthly.”

    I’m cackling cause SAME! I literally made the choice to just go seasonal with wrap ups, primarily because I don’t read enough to warrant needing a monthly wrap up but also it feels more like me to do something by the seasons xD

    Also I’ve missed seeing you about *hugs* I’ve been erm a ghost with my blog recently, my energy has been super low and like you, I’m consuming more YouTube content than anything these last few months.

    I would possibly be down for a readathon, depends when in December, though no promises I’ll actually read books cause I am hopeless at committing to reading recently. Sending you loads of love Xandra!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I’m glad we think alike! I hope seasonal wrap-ups will be better for us in the long run!

      I’ve missed you too! I’m sorry this reply is so late. I think a lot of bloggers are struggling right now, and honestly, I’ve just come to terms with it. I’m eager to continue blogging, but I’m nervous to make my first post coming back 😅 I hope you’re feeling a bit better, now! And if not, I things get better soon. *hugs*

      I ended up not doing a readathon because my winter schedule was very different from last year, but I would still love to buddy read or something with you! I hope your 2021 is off to a good start!

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  6. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been feeling burned out and everything, but it’s always good to focus on yourself, your mental health and your family first and always and we’ll always be here for you, whenever you feel like blogging ❤ I'm sending you all the love and hope that December will be kind to you ❤


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