November Wrap Up

November was a tricky month, but as a blogger, I had so much fun! Let’s relive all that in this small post 🙂

Where I live, we don’t really have snow. However, for the rest of Winter, I will be using posts with snow in them, just to get more in the Winter spirit!

November was a strange month, because for me and just about everyone else who is still in school, it’s usually a hard month to get through. University school work has been the reason why I only read 4 books in November (compared to 7 books in October), but I’m okay with that!

I’m planning to catch up on my reading list in December!

So in order to look back on what kind of Novemer this has been, here’s a list of my favorite things that happened on my blog last month:

Those were just my favorite posts, but overall, I had a good Novemeber!

You can also be my friend on Goodreads!

Have a great December, everyone! 😀


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