1 Star Review Debate: “Why Do You Read Bad Books?”

The other day I was looking through my Goodreads feed, and I came across another blogger’s review of one of my favorite books. Naturally, I was curious as to how many stars this blogger gave the book, so I decided to click on the review.

To my disappointment, this book received a rating of 2 stars, and the blogger seemed overall disappointed in this book and the series around it. I, personally, would have given this book a full 5 stars… but the important message here is that everyone is different, and not every book is perfect to every reviewer. And I’m okay with that!

However, this got me thinking: Why would you even read a book if it’s worth less than 3 stars for you? Why not just… put it down and never pick it up again?

Now that I think about it, I almost never rate a book less than 3 stars. Why? Because if I can tell that I’m not going to like a book within the first several chapters, I just put it down. DNF. I don’t want to put myself through any kind of misery.

To me, if I can tell that a book is less than 3 stars for me, the book is simply not worth my time. Why would I waste my time on a “bad book”? Even if this “bad book” is highly recommended, I read books for pleasure, and I would much rather spend my time reading books I know I will like.

So here are my discussion questions for you today:

Have you ever read a book you knew you were not going to like?

If so, why did you continue to read it?


Have you ever read a book you thought you would like, but in the end rated it less than 3 stars? 

Untitled design-47

Have you ever read a “bad book?” Let me know if you can answer any of these questions in the comments!

You can also be my friend on Goodreads! 😉 Happy reading!

(Also, I’m thinking about doing a “Discussion Friday” sort of thing… We’ll see how that goes! Stay tuned!)


8 thoughts on “1 Star Review Debate: “Why Do You Read Bad Books?”

    1. That’s a good response. Normally, I don’t like finishing books if I don’t enjoy them, but if I get far enough I might still write a review.


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      1. Thank you!
        Sometimes I do that as well. I’ve finally started to DNF more books. It always felt like an injustice for me to do so before. I finally realized I could be spending time tackling the huge reading list I have instead, with a book I enjoy!

        One of those #bookwormproblems we face! haha!

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