June 24-Hour Readathon COMPLETE! // Day 1, Part 2

Injuries! Tea! Procrastination! This is the kind of content you and I have to endure when I go through a 24-Hour Readathon, and this time was no exception.


Day 2 in My 24-Hour Readathon Series is COMPLETE! // update #2

All right, let's end this Readathon right! This is an update in which I throw part of my TBR away and read Gemina instead.

Day 2 in My 24-Hour Readathon Series! // “Great 1st Books” (Shadow and Bone) update #1

Hello, friends! Who’s ready to see me attempt yet another 24-hours of reading!  *crickets in the background because everyone I know is asleep* Let’s get started!