Monthly Writing Update #1 // (and 200 followers??)

Hello friends, and welcome to my first Writing Update! Every month, I plan one posting one of these just to track my progress while working on the first draft for my WIP novel. 


BOOK REVIEW ✨ The Wicked King by Holly Black

Guess what, friends? This book was *actually* so much better than the first one, if you can even believe me. 🗡🗡🗡

Discussions & Rambles // Should schools have required reading? ðŸ“š

As a student, required reading has almost always been a part of my reading life... but is it always necessary? 📚 Let's discuss!

Get to know me as a writer! (Finally, a writing post)

I know there aren't many people following my blog right now, but I can't stop thinking about that "blog description" at the top of my homepage. "Reviewing Books, Ranting about Writing, and Reaching for the Stars". After a few months of blogging, have I talked about writing at all? Nope! But here I am to fix that!