Announcing The 2nd Annual Summer Readathon! // 2020 Schedule + Themes

If you’re reading this, I’m officially done with my school semester, and it’s summer break… and we all know what that means! 

Time for my 2nd Annual Summer 24-Hour Readathon! 😀 

For every major school break (during December for Winter, and May/June for Summer), I have a 24-Hour Readathon here on my blog. Most of the time, it’s just me doing this for myself, and that’s okay. But a few people have joined me before, and that made it even more fun! 😊

I know most of us are stuck at home right now, so if you need a buddy to read with during these times, this might be a great idea! (Or, if you need someone to laugh at when they fall asleep reading their book because they got 4 hours of sleep, I’ll be here!)

How I will do the Readathon:

  • I will wake up on an assigned readathon day (May 27th, for example) and choose whichever theme I feel like attempting. 
  • Throughout the 24 hours, I usually post two updates of my progress: one post after 12 hours of progress, and one post after the readathon is complete.
    • Although I might just try to cram it all into one post? We’ll see.
  • I may or may not actually read on all three assigned days. But I’ll try!

How to join me:  

  • You can join me on one or more assigned day, or you can do it whenever you want! 
  • You can also choose to stick to the themes, make your own theme, or not stick to any rules. Whatever works for you! 
  • If you join in, please tag me wherever you post updates! I would love to see your progress!
  • You can join the readathon however you wish: on Twitter, Instagram, by writing a blog post, or even in my comment section! I just want to see you having fun. 🙂 
  • Note: I usually read about three books during a 24-hour readathon, but it’s okay if you read more or less! The experience is what is most important. 😌

Untitled design-51.png

The Readathon Themes


*please note that these are the same themes as last time, and I don’t really care too much about the themes – I just thought it would be fun to follow them if you want, but I might not even follow a theme, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

One Big Book (or Two)

This one is fairly easy! Simply choose one or two large books and read them throughout the course of the day. For me, this would be any book more than 500 pages.

Royal Fantasy

I only made this theme because I’m very much behind on reading fantasy!

Because I’m writing a YA fantasy novel about princes and other common fantasy elements, I will use this theme in attempt to familiarize myself with “royal” fantasy. For this theme, we will only read fantasy books with royal families involved.

“Adult” Must-Read Books

I will admit that I’m still afraid to step into the “Adult” book category, but I will try my best to enjoy it. 😌 For this theme, I will be reading books such as Vicious by V.E. Scwab or… you know what? I’ll figure it out later! Any recommendations?

Backlist Books

This theme is easy – almost everything I read is backlist, haha! I will read any book which is over 6 months old.

New Releases

A book which was recently released! I will read books that have released in the past 4 months for this theme.

Friends in Space

This is based on the popular trope of “several characters combine to make a found family, go on a trip in space, and chaos ensues”. Read books about friends in space! Easy enough.

Complete the Series

For this theme, I will attempt to either a) read a whole series in one day, or b) finish a series I had previously started!

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The Readathon Dates


These readathons will take place on May 19th, May 27th, and June 16th! I may have to change the dates at one point, but these dates will most likely work for me.

And if you plan on joining me, don’t worry if you can’t read on these days! You can read on any day you want, but all I ask is that you tag me so I can see your progress! 🙂

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Here are the links to some of my previous 24-Hour Readathon posts, if you want to see what the experience is like!



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netflix and books-33

Have you ever participated in a 24-Hour Readathon? Do you think you can join me for one in May or June? Please let me know! 🙂 It will be so much fun, like a very intense buddy read!

Chat with me about it!

You can also be my friend on Goodreads!

Happy reading, everyone! 😊 Have a lovely day! Stay safe and healthy!Starry Sky Books-13



12 thoughts on “Announcing The 2nd Annual Summer Readathon! // 2020 Schedule + Themes

  1. I’ve done one 24-hour readathon but it threw my sleep schedule completely out of whack. So may not be taking part in these, since I still have online classes and work to do! However once I’ve broken up for the summer I’ll be attempting at least. Great idea! Hope it goes successfully 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This sounds like an awesome idea! I think weekdays are a bit tricky for me though, I would prefer to do it in the weekends but I love how you themed these 🙂 Tackling one big book for a whole day sounds like the perfect way to spend quarantine. Best of luck!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! 😊 I like to schedule these readathons for the weekdays because normally I like to do things with my family on the weekends, and they’re working on the weekdays, so if I read during the week I don’t have to stop them from doing things with me. But if you feel like joining in on any day, that would be awesome!

      Liked by 1 person

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