Books I Want to Revisit // a list of books I won’t mind enjoying again and again 😌

When I was younger, I reread books all the time! It was easy, and honestly, I didn’t know just how many other options there were out there.

I loved the books I already owned, and I just kept reading them over and over again, no shame at all. I would just pick one of my faves up and simply reread it, with no worries about the impending doom of my TBR. 

Nowadays, my TBR is suffering because I just have so many things I want to read next. Rereads seem like they would be a waste of time, but you know what? They’re not. This is my blog and you can’t tell me what to do. 😌

Here is a list of books I will be rereading eventually, because at this point, I’m just doing whatever makes me happy. 


Strange The Dreamer, by Laini Taylor
Goodreads | My Review 

I read this book last year and I loved it so much more than I thought I would! It was basically one of the few books I’ve rated 4.5/5 Stars, and I really enjoyed just about everything about Strange the Dreamer. 

Recently, one of my professors asked us to read a paragraph from our favorite books, and I panicked! How dare she ask me to choose a favorite book?? But I ended up reading a page from Strange the Dreamer, which made me feel so good… and then I wanted to read the whole book again. 😌 And I will soon! 

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The Lightning Thief, by Rick Riordan
(+ basically anything with Percy Jackson in it)

The Lightning Thief is one of the two books I’ve read 5 times (which is the highest number of rereads I’ve ever done), but I would gladly make it 6 times. Especially since I was gifted the illustrated version for my birthday, and I have yet to read that version! 

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Challenger Deep, by Neal Shusterman
Goodreads | My Review

I read this book for the first time in high school, and although I didn’t fully grasp everything that was happening in the plot, I loved it. Then, I reread it back in August 2019,  and I actually appreciated it even more. 

Although it is a bit dark and sad, I’m willing to read this book two more times. Apparently, Disney+ is going to adapt it into a movie at one point, so I’ll read it again before watching that, and then I’ve also heard some great things about the audiobook, and I’ll try that too. 

💫 Stop by later this week to read my next post and find out more about my Challenger Deep adaptation feelings! 😉 In addition to a bunch of other discussion topics!

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Harry Potter Complete Series Boxed Set Collection JK ...

The Harry Potter Series, by J.K. Rowling

Prisoner of Azkaban is the other book I’ve read 5 times, but I would definitely be willing to change that number to 6 when I read the illustrated version soon.

Actually… I recently realized I’ve only read all the HP books in order once? (I usually just read whichever ones I feel like *shrug*) I really need to fix that!

I’m thinking about having a week-long Harry Potter readathon, to see if I can finish the entire series in a week or 10 days… would you be interested in joining me? Sometime in the summer? You don’t even have to say yes ‘cause I’ll just do it by myself anyways!

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Sadie, by Courtney Summers
Goodreads | My Review 

This book is also dark and sad, but listening to the audiobook was an excellent experience. 

💫 related: An Incomplete List of My Favorite (and Least Favorite) Audiobooks 🎧📚

It was one of my first audiobooks, and it was great. The book itself left me captivated and wanting more, but I think what also made this book so good was the audio experience. 

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Why America Needs A Series of Unfortunate Events Now More than ...

A Series of Unfortunate Events, by Lemony Snicket

As a whole, I’ve only read this series once. But I think I’ve probably read Book One, book Three, and Book Eight like… 4 times. (There are 13 books total!)

Granted, all of those rereads happened between the ages of 10 and 12, and it’s been a while. 

I almost reread the series in preparation for the Netflix adaptation, but I ran out of time and motivation. I still think of the series fondly, and I would be willing to read them all again. 

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The Chaos Walking Series, by Patrick Ness
Goodreads | My Review

Fun fact: the first book in this series, The Knife of Never Letting Go, was the very first audiobook I ever listened to! And I loved it so much! 

I had such a great time reading this series. I laughed, I cried, I wallowed in sorrow in the middle of the night as I finished every book… it was honestly just a great experience. 

I have such a strong connection of emotions with this series, and I would gladly put myself through every single one of those feelings again. 😌

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Sorcery of Thorns, by Margaret Rogerson
Goodreads | My Review

I feel bad about the first time I read it, because I didn’t give it the attention it deserved!

💫 related: My Progress From The Winter 24-Hour Readathon! // Day 1, Part 1

I read it during one of my 24-Hour Readathons (whilst also being distracted by a very large stray cat) and I just couldn’t give it all of my focus. I really liked it, but I felt too… disconnected.

I’m sure I would like it more if I read it again!

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Radio Silence, by Alice Oseman
Goodreads | My Review

I really liked this the first time I read it, and I would like to see what I think about it now! I read it during my first semester of college, and it made me Very Emotional. 

I also recently collected all of Alice Oseman’s paperback books in preparation for reading their books in order! So now I have to read it on paperback and audio. 😉

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A Brian Selznick Prize Pack: Includes The Marvels : The ...

Books by Brian Selznick
Goodreads | My Review

I couldn’t pick just one, because I know I’ll read them all again eventually.

His books, The Invention of Hugo Cabret, Wonderstruck, and The Marvels are just so unique. They are each told in a combination of prose and traditional black-and-white art, and they’re great MG books. I’ve read The Invention of Hugo Cabret at least three times over the past 8 years, but I just might have to read it again for nostalgia purposes!

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netflix and books-33

Do you ever reread your faves? What are some books you want to reread next? Have you noticed yet that I basically talk about the same 15 books in every post? 😅
This is why I don’t do recommendations, haha…

Chat with me about it! 

You can also be my friend on Goodreads!

Happy reading, everyone! 💕 💫 Have a lovely day! Stay safe and healthy!

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49 thoughts on “Books I Want to Revisit // a list of books I won’t mind enjoying again and again 😌

  1. You just can’t beat a re-read! This is my favourite thing to do, particularly when I am in a book slump or feeling some comfort reading. I still have not read strange the dreamer, but I it is very high on my list of next books to read! Also a harry potter re-read? sign me up!

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  2. I’d love to reread PJO too! I remember reading and enjoying PJO and HOO as a child, but now I remember absolutely nothing about them—same goes for HP. I’m actually rereading the Harry Potter series right now, and even though the books aren’t as good as I remember, I’m really enjoying my experience revisiting the HP series in my teen years! also, I absolutely loved A Series of Unfortunate Events as a child! Ahhh, I enjoyed reading about how the Baudelaire children outsmarted Count Olaf so much ❤ but I doubt I'm ever going to reread ASOUE simply because the series is long and kinda depressing—plus, I think I remember enough about them, unlike with PJO and HP. come to think of it, I only ever reread books if I don’t remember anything about them, because whenever I reread a book I have a decent memory of, i get bored because I already know what’s going to happen 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Now that it’s been a while since this post came out, I’m thinking it will be more beneficial and emotional to reread PJO right before the Disney+ show comes out! I already have a lot of other books to read, anyway. 😅 I think I might have read A Series of Unfortunate Events in just a few weeks, because I read them non-stop and I even read two of them in one day at least once! I loved them, haha! I would be interested in a reread, but I probably wouldn’t read the whole series together again. That’s a good point! I used to reread books whenever there was going to be a sequel releasing soon and I didn’t remember the book because I had read it one year before. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I need to know– Did you read Lemony Snicket’s Unauthorized Autobiography? It’s the perfect compliment to A Series of Unfortunate Events. (Which I want to re-read as well, and have slowly started to re-purchase from thrift shops. A timeless classic!)

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  4. Ah I love this post so, so much. I used to re-read books quite a lot, but…. now there are just way too many new books I want to get to, I tend to forget about the books I used to love. I’d love to re-read all of Alice Oseman’s books, they’re all so wonderful! ❤

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  5. I love rereading books. I’m stuck in a major slump right now and if it continues I’m going to try picking up an old favourite – probably a HP book – to break it. I’m pretty sure I keep falling into it because I made reading all about catching up on my TBR and inadvertantly turned it into a chore. So I’m trying to break that mindset and hopefully get passed it once and for all.
    Was POA your favourite HP book then? Ooh I’ve only read ASOUE once but I did love the books. I saw the eighth get lower ratings and didn’t get why tbh as I really enjoyed that one. And I can’t believe that I haven’t read Strange The Dreamer or Percy Jackson yet 🙈 both are series that I hope to pick up at some point this year

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you get out of your slump soon, Charlotte! I’m also in a reading slump – I have so many books to read, but I just don’t feel like picking them up right now. 😅 If it feels like a chore and not a fun thing to do, I think that’s what causes a slump for me, too. Yeah, I loved ASOUE! I wanted to reread the series for the Netflix adaptation, but I ran out of time and never got around to it. Oh, I hope you love Strange the Dreamer and Percy Jackson if you ever read them soon! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you. I hope you manage to get out of yours soon too. And it’s definitely frustrating when that happens. I’m trying to remind myself of the excitement I originally had for all of my books and the wonderful reasons that I wanted to read them in the first place. And not stress about how long they take to read. I’m hoping if I do that I’ll finally shake this slump off once and for all.
        Aww that’s a shame. I hope you get to re-read it one day if you still want to. Thank you (:

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