6 Amazing Bookish Items For Any Time 📖 ✨

As book lovers, we own many things: books being one of them. But some of can’t just stop at buying books… we like to own a variety of bookish items!

Why buy just books when you can buy books AND bookish items?

I’ve gathered a few of my favorite awesome & useful bookish items from around the internet, and I thought you all would also be interested! I mean, books are great, but likehave you seen my bookmark collection? I have so many. (and I don’t even use them, but oh well, they’re pretty)
(I should actually do a post on my bookmarks, but later.)

Let the bookish list begin!*

*(Please note that I am NOT an affiliate of any of these stores or websites, and I will not gain anything if you click the respective links!)


book cover from Book Beau

This book covers are not only beautiful, but they’re also made to be semi-waterproof!

These covers are a great way to protect your wonderful, precious books. I will buy one as soon as I can!

They come in many different designs, and Book Beau is always coming out with new designs! Here’s my personal favorite design:


The book covers come in 4 different sizes: Mini (for e-readers), Indie (for small paperbacks and small hardcovers), XL (for standard hardcovers and slightly bigger paperbacks, or even an iPad), and Jumbeau (for your larger books like Harry Potter and Sarah J. Maas).

Prices are between $15 and $30 USD.



a book dragon bookmark from Etsy 

Us Book Dragons need to stick together! Support your fellow Book Dragons by showing off a cool bookmark (and by buying something from a book dragon)!

Screenshot 2019-02-11 19.07.00.png

Bookmarks from MiBellaBijoux, Wirelings, and BookishlyUK respectively.


a box from Nerdy Post

Nerdy Post has a wide variety of fandom-based subscription boxes! You don’t even have to be a book lover to subscribe 😉


Their monthly subscription boxes usually feature one particular fandom (such as Doctor Who or Harry Potter), and the box can include whatever you want! Their subscription options give you many choices, ranging from just a T-Shirt ($9.95 USD) to the Ultimate Nerdy Combo of about 10-12 items ($38.90 USD).

Screenshot 2019-01-30 22.21.05.png

You can also buy a custom box from Nerdy Post! This means that you can select items (such as bookmarks or pins) from previous boxes to build your own box of wonderful nerdy things!



a book holder

Are you trying to be fit, or just excercise more, but you can’t find enough time to read?

Try this treadmill book holder from Amazon!

Starting at $24 USD.



a candle from Wick and Fable

I don’t know about you, but I love looking at themed candles. Especially bookish ones!
(I say looking because I live in a college dorm and they don’t allow candles, haha)

Wick and Fable has some of the loveliest bookish soy candles! The shop includes many different book genres, like YA books or Classics. You can buy a candle subscription box, a combination package of candles, or just buy only one candle!


Some of their bundle themes include Harry Potter, Throne of Glass, and Fairy Tales, but they also have TV show themes such as Gilmore Girls and Game of Thrones!

screenshot 2019-01-28 19.42.33
Their Illuminae subscription box. Some of the items are still available!

And if candles aren’t your thing, Wick and Fable also sells bookish teas! ☕️


literally anything from The Bookish Shop

Of course I had to include this one! The Bookish Shop sells a wide variety of bookish products, like mugs, shirts, bags, rings, and more!

Everything is so cute, and the shop includes some items with book references which you don’t see all the time! (For example, they have a Weird Sisters Coffee Tumbler!)

Screenshot 2019-02-11 19.53.07.png

The shop also sells (you guessed it) monthly subscription boxes!

Screenshot 2019-02-11 19.50.51.png


And that’s it, everyone!

I hope you enjoyed this list of great bookish things!

Happy early Valentine’s Day to you all – if you know you’re going to spend the day alone, maybe you should consider buying yourself something bookish 😉 

Happy reading 💕

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33 thoughts on “6 Amazing Bookish Items For Any Time 📖 ✨

  1. I love book sleeves–I even have one for my kindle. Storytime Sleeve is my favorite shop. I used to rep for Wick & Fable–their candles are amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aaaah bookish things *swoons* I really want to start a candle collection but of bookish themed candles. I already have a ton of candles hehe which aren’t bookish themed, and if you can’t burn them just buy them to have and stare at Xandra? I have a ton of bookmarks….then I have my favourite ones which I use more than the others hehe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If I had to collect any kind of candle, it would be bookish candles! And yeah, maybe I could buy candles just to have them – or I could send them to my parents’ house so they could keep them for me! 😂 I have a lot of bookmarks, but I almost never use them, because it’s more of a “collection” and I don’t want them to get dented, haha


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