The Sunday Post // Jan. 27 updates and fun things

Hey, everyone! 🙂 (You can find my “The Folk of the Air” book tag here.)

I’m going to start doing little “Sunday Post” updates, but I’m only going to do them like, maybe once a month.

Also, I got this idea from Mandy and Sha @ Book Princess Reviews, because I liked the way they formatted their Sunday Posts! 😊

The Sunday post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer. It serves as a chance to share news, showcase books, and recap the past week.


Jan. 20 to Jan. 26

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✨ Discussions & Rambles // Should schools have required reading? 📚

✨ Get to know me as a writer! (Finally, a writing post) 🖋

✨  Bookish Breaking News! // Netflix has plans for Shadow and Bone & Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

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✨ REVIEW: THE WICKED KING (THE FOLK OF THE AIR #2) BY HOLLY BLACK from Alyssa at Serendipitous Reads

This review was NEAR PERFECT and it spoke to me. I read Alyssa’s review immediately after I finished The Wicked King, and I pretty much agreed with every word!
(If you have been meaning to read The Cruel Prince or The Wicked King but you haven’t yet, you should really fix that! 😉 )

AM I NOT CRITICAL ENOUGH WHILE READING BOOKS? from Marie at Drizzle and Hurricane Books

I’ve always thought about whether or not my reviews are good enough, you know? Marie’s post really let me know what all book bloggers have worries like this, but the post also made me realize that I’m still a good blogger even if I don’t write posts like everyone else 🙂

✨ The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi [blog tour] literally the most gorgeous, lyrical writing to ever exist from Julianna at Paper Blots

This review was also really good, and it very much conviced me to buy The Gilded Wolves as soon as possible! (The book is currently on its way to my house as we speak.) Seriously, of all the most enthusiastic and passionate posts about The Gilded Wolves I’ve seen, this one is probably… the most! I just can’t get this book in my hands fast enough! If you also don’t have the book yet, you should go check out Julianna’s review!

✨ It’s My 2-Year Blogiversary!! // Me Being a Sap, Shoutouts to the Friends Who Made My Year, and Some… Promises from May at Forever and Everly

May just put so much time and effort into this post… and after a while of following her blog (I’ve only been around here for a few months, okay, but still) her blog is one of my main inspirations. ❤️

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I have a surprise! 😀

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Click the image to take you to the tag!

I’m currently creating a “The Folk of the Air” Book Tag!
I’ll post it on Tuesday so look out for that when it arrives! 😉

Let me know if you want me to tag you in it!

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21 thoughts on “The Sunday Post // Jan. 27 updates and fun things

  1. Oh thank you so, so much for sharing my post, I’m so happy you enjoyed it ❤ ❤ and congratulations on 100 followers, that's amazing!!
    I hope you'll have a fantastic week! 🙂

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  2. OMG, I’m so so hyped for the Folk of the Air book tag! I haven’t even read the Wicked King yet tho, simply because I want to savour it!!!

    AND CONGRATS ON 100 FOLLOWERS!!! *throws confetti in the air*

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