Day 1 in My 24-Hour Readathon Series is COMPLETE! // update #2

I can’t believe I finally did it…. I read for a 24-hours straight. (And man, I am tired.)

Welcome back! 😀 This is the 2nd update for the latter half of my December 18th 24-hour Readathon. I suggest you also read my first update, just so you can really get a sense of what’s going on 😉


12:30pm – For some reason my Warcross ebook wasn’t working? ☹️ I guess I’ll just use the audiobook. 

12:45pm – I took a shower, and listened to the audiobook (chapter 2)

1:10pm – I grabbed some popcorn and continued the audiobook! (But my ebook is finally working!) 

Photo Dec 18, 1 11 05 PM (1).jpg

2:20pm – Still listening, and writing my review for The Disasters 🙂 (chapter 6)

So I know I’m only like 2 hours in, but I’m not liking it that much? It’s okay. 

3:36pm – For some reason, my earbuds weren’t working and the audiobook would only play out loud! 😆 (I’m having so much trouble with this book, y’all) 

Screenshot 2018-12-19 11.06.23.png

3:48pm – but at this point I’m going to give it a bit longer, and then probably move on…. This book just isn’t getting me excited for anything ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

4:26pm– I made some more tea and got a new book! (Warcross was just not working out for me)  Photo Dec 18, 4 27 04 PM (1).jpg


5:40pm – I’m only… on page 46. 

I think I’m getting sleepy. 

5:50pm – It happened… I ACCIDENTALLY FELL ASLEEP 🙃 

and I woke up around 7pm… 

8:30pm – I just came back from having dinner.

According to my calculations, I will NOT finish this book by the end of the 24 hours 😬 

But I will keep going! (page 78)

(Also, I’m still groggy from my nap earlier.) 

Photo Dec 18, 10 14 43 PM.jpg

10:08am – I’ve just accepted it. 

I had to do something with my family and I got off track, and there’s no way I’m going to finish any time soon. 

12:30am – At one point, my goal just turned into “finish half of The Cruel Prince”. 

And I did! 

Screenshot 2018-12-19 11.06.39.png

1:00am – FINALLY… Time for bed! 😴💤 

Netflix and Books-16


Illuminae = 599

Warcross = 113

The Cruel Prince = 227

TOTAL = 939

For the last few hours, I began to grow tired of reading (a few hours after that nap, I stopped feeling groggy and was awake enough). I liked the books, I just wanted to take a break, you know? Humans are not meant to read for that many hours non-stop, and I learned that the hard way! 

Now that I’m well-rested, I think I really enjoyed doing the Readathon. However, after finishing Illuminae, I felt like reading the other books was a chore. I would have preferred a Readathon where I only planned on reading one book! 😆

Did I learn anything from this experience? Well, I learned that a) I became more tired/sleepy than I thought I would after just one book, b) Illuminae was a truly exhausting book, and I loved it, c) I could probably read Order of the Phoenix (which is 870 pages) all in one day, if I wanted to 😉

Netflix and Books-16

Thanks for reading about my first 24-hour Readathon experience! I will update you all on my future Readathon plans soon.

Starry Sky Books-13




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Happy reading, everyone! 🙂 Have a great rest of your December! ❄️


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