Day 1 in My 24-Hour Readathon Series! // “Books I MUST Read” update #1

Today is the day! Who’s ready to watch me read for 24-hours straight?

I’m excited to see how this is going to go down.

Hello friends, and welcome to my first post of the day! By the time you read this, I’ll have already started my Readathon. There will be at least one more update on my progress towards the end of the day!


1:00am – Good morning! I woke up and immediately  began to panic about what books I was going to read.

Since I’m a mood-reader, I had planned on not sticking to a TBR for this Readathon, but you know what? That was a bad idea. 

After a few minutes, I decided to start Illuminae. 😀 I just finished The Disasters yesterday (I recieved an eARC, but it comes out today if you want to read it!) so I was in the mood for some more space 💫

Did I say today’s Readathon was for standalones? Because I could only find one (1) on my winter TBR. Oops. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2:00am – I have obtained snacks and tea from downstairs, and I’m ready to go. ☕️

Illuminae has been great so far! The excitement continues.

2:44am – How did Kady learn all this?

“The felonies just keep on coming.” 

3:02am – I reached page 100! 😀

3:44am – I forgot I was doing the Readathon and almost went back to sleep 🤣

page 152 – Suddenly there’s murder? 

This is getting intense!

4:10am – More snacks have been obtained 👍

page 171 – What, are these feelings? For James? But I thought I didn’t like him?

page 189 –

Photo Dec 18, 6 13 58 AM
I just saw this page and laughed. It’s too late to go back now!

4:45am – I migrated to the downstairs, but I also got distracted by some blog posts. Oops.

Then I made some coffee ☕️

Photo Dec 18, 6 08 38 AM.jpg

6:30am – and I have officially reached the halfway mark! 😀

7:10am – My family started to wake up, and I took a break to talk to them / eat a real breakfast. 

8:45am – Less than 200 pages to go! 

I made another cup of tea, because I’m already starting to drift off 😆 ☕️

9:08am – Excuse me, WHAT?! *slams book onto the table* (page 422)

*later* well who tHE HECK IS STILL ALIVE, THEN? 

10:30am – less than 100 pages to go! 

11:37am – and just when I thought I had enough feelings, I HAVE CONQUERED THE BOOK (!!)

Screenshot 2018-12-18 11.40.50.png

Netflix and Books-16

I can’t believe I finished it before noon! The audiobook is about 11 hours and 40 minutes, so at least I finished faster than the audio! 😆 I’m actually glad I chose to read my physical copy, because I could imagine everything better in my head that way.

The time is currently 12:09pm, and I’m listening to music so I can take a break…

But before I end this update, I’ll tell you what my next book will be!


That’s all for now! I will post my next update whenever I finished the next book! 🙂

Starry Sky Books-13


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