BOOK TAG: Book Blogger Test

I found this tag from Hammock of Books and I figured it was a great time to do this one!

Let’s get started!

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“What’s Tag Thursday?” 

Well, dear reader, I honestly don’t know. I’m not sure if “Tag Thursday” is already a thing, but I’m calling it such because Thursdays are the days when I’m most likely to post a tag. 🙂

1. What are your three bookish pet peeves?

  • Trying to read a book, but not having a spot to set it down in front of me.
  • When people dog-ear their books right in front of me! You can dog ear your books, but not in my presence. (I’m kidding!)
    • For some reason I’m okay if you do this to a book for school. I don’t know, I’m weird!  
  • I have the biggest problem with putting like 12739 books in my TBR list and then completely abandoning all of them 😂

2. Name a perfect reading spot.

Anywhere near a window! Preferably on a rainy day.

3. Give three reader confessions.

  • Sometimes… I skip over paragraphs so I can read the book faster.
  • Reading certain chapters I loved in old books I have read.
  • I have dog eared some books in the past… but those were for school, okay??

4. When was the last time you cried during a book?

I’m not sure… I mean, I cried when A Map of Days came out….


And I just get emotional over things in general 😂

5. Number of books on your bedside table? 

None? All of my books are on my bookshelf!

And the bookshelf I have right next to me is holding 14 books.

6. Favorite reading snack?

Popcorn! It’s one of my favorite snacks for anything!

food snack popcorn movie theater
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7. What are three books you’d recommend to anyone?

Well, that depends!

I think everyone should try The Book Thief, but I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.


And… if you like the Harry Potter movies, but have not read the books, I will immediately shove the books in your face (unless you don’t have time, of course).


And… The Giver? Or Life of Pi? (I’m trying to pick books everyone might like, okay? 😂)



8. Provide a picture of your bookshelves.

I’m in my college dorm right now, and my books are mostly at home… so please excuse the small number of books!

Photo Oct 24, 6 52 21 PM

9. How much do books mean to you in three words?

Very, very much!

(What else am I supposed to say? 😂)

10. Biggest reading secret?

Since I’ve joined the Book Blogging community, I’ve realized just how much I haven’t read in my lifetime! 😦 I feel really guilty for not having read that many books throughout high school, but then again… I didn’t really have time to read, either. It would have made me more stressed.

So I hope I can read some more in the future!

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Thanks for reading this post!

You can also be my friend on Goodreads! Happy reading, everyone!

🎃 Stay spooky for the rest of October! 🎃


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