Paper Books or eBooks?: Why I Choose to Read from a Nook

Don’t get me wrong – I love printed books! In fact, when I was in middle school and e-readers were emerging over printed books, I got into an argument with my English teacher about how paper books should never go out of style. In my home, I personally own piles of books which no longer fit on my bookshelf!

However, a few years ago I decided to get a Nook Glowlight, and the decision changed a lot about how I read.

This post is not about comparing the Nook or Barnes & Noble products to other e-reader companies. This post is just simply me, explaining what’s easier for me and my preferences.

In high school, I often checked out books from our library and tried to read several novels each semester; but, I believe the heavy book-load began to take a toll on my back. After a while, I tried to switch to checking out e-books from digital libraries, but since I didn’t have an e-reader and could only read on my laptop, my journey with e-books was a bit challenging at first. I missed flipping pages and being able to skim through after I read and reread all my favorite parts.

Eventually, because my school and public library began to offer a wider variety of e-books, I finally decided do it: I got myself an Nook! (Actually, my family gave it to me for Christmas. But I chose it!)

So here’s a list of reasons, in no particular order, why I’m currently reading from a Nook.

1. E-readers save space. 

black and white book stack books education
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Like I said, I’m running out of room for all my books!

Using an e-reader has really saved me a lot of space which I can now use to either decorate or demonstrate how much cleaner my room is.

Most (if not all) e-readers are the size of regular tablets, and can even come in smaller sizes, so they also do not take up as much room as just one book would if you choose to carry your e-reader around.

2. Most of the time, ebooks are cheaper. 

With Barnes & Nobles, and also with the Amazon Kindle, the e-books are usually at least a dollar cheaper.

It’s also very easy to find e-books from other websites, such as And if buying e-books isn’t your thing, you can also check out e-books from your local library by using or other online library sources.

I find Overdrive really nice because if you are new to e-readers, they can give you tips and instructions on how to work your device, and their customer service is easy to access. It’s also free!

3. Your back will be saved (you’re welcome). 

blue leather backpack
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After a using e-books for a while, you will surely feel the difference between carrying one or more books and carrying just an e-reader.

Whenever I remember I’m reading certain novels on my Nook, my mind and back are so relieved because that’s one less thing I’ll be carrying with throughout the day. And after you start to build a collection of e-books on your device, it will be like carrying your bookshelf with you at all times!

Then, you can just whip out your favorite book whenever you want!

4. ARCs! 

If you’re new to book reviewing and blogging (like me), you can apply for Advanced Reader Copies, or ARCs, in e-book form on websites like and

5. You can read wherever and whenever you want. 

It recently came to my attention that paper books are pretty difficult read when you’re doing anything but just sitting.

For the past few weeks, if I ever find myself waiting or bored while eating, I’ve been reading from my Nook for a quick few pages. E-readers are handy because if you want to read while you’re doing something (like eating), you might not mind getting a few crumbs on it since you can just clean them off. And if you’re anything like me, you might not like it when your paper books get dirty! (I like my paper books to be spotless, thank you very much.)

I also have had a hard time reading in the dark. Not the dark dark, just whenever it’s getting close to bedtime and I should really be getting some sleep soon. Reading with my Nook has shown me the wonders of reading comfortably right before bed. I had a hard time reading A Map of Days in the light of my phone (because it’s a beautiful hardback), and in that moment for just a few seconds, I wished I was reading it as an e-book.

What are your thoughts about e-readers? Do you use an e-reader? Let me know in the comments!

Also, you can be my friend on Goodreads! Happy reading, everyone!


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