A MAP OF DAYS: Appreciation Post

Since this blog is fairly new, I bet you didn’t know I generally have three favorite book series: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson (and most continuations), and THE PECULIAR CHILDREN SERIES.

I started reading this series about five years ago, and I’ve been in love with it ever since. While I say, yes, it’s not the best series ever or anything, and it does have some flaws with character arcs and plot points, it’s still one of my favorites! And I’m a picky reader!

So before I even read this new book in Ransom Riggs’ new peculiar trilogy, I’m going to dedicate this post to A Map of Days.


Photo Oct 04, 1 28 56 PM

I mean first of all, look at the cover! It’s the first time a book in the series has been brown!

Photo Oct 04, 1 38 18 PM

All those black pages?

You can just see how many new creepy pictures are included.


Photo Oct 04, 1 31 09 PM

Look at the spine!

I know, I know, it’s similar to the other books… but it’s thicker! and there’s a little bird on the front!

With 480 new pages, might I add.

Photo Oct 04, 1 29 12 PM

I just thought this inside title page looked pretty nice.

Photo Oct 04, 1 29 04 PM

And my copy was signed by Ransom Riggs! Yay for signed books!

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2 thoughts on “A MAP OF DAYS: Appreciation Post

    1. I totally understand, and I get that this series isn’t for everyone! I just happen to be a huge fan, mostly because I started reading it so long ago and I’m fond of the main character Jacob 🙂

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